Reviews for In the Shadow of the Sword

In the Shadow of the Sword by Tom Holland“Written with flamboyant elegance and energetic intensity, Holland delivers a brilliant tour de force of revisionist scholarship and thrilling storytelling with a bloodspattered cast of swashbuckling tyrants, nymphomaniacal empresses and visionary prophets. The book is unputdownable.” THE TIMES
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Reviews for Rubicon

Rubicon by Tom Holland“Tom Holland has produced in one volume the crispest and most compelling account of this momentous period I have ever read.” THE SEATTLE TIMES
“Immensely readable, a perfect combination of authoritative scholarship and racy narrative… No easy task, and he performs it brilliantly.” THE SCOTSMAN
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Reviews for Persian Fire

Persian Fire by Tom Holland‘Thrilling… masterly… gripping’ William Napier, THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY
‘Excellent… Holland is a cool-headed historian who writes no less authoritatively and engagingly on classical Greece than he did on ancient Rome in his last book, Rubicon’ Mary Beard, THE SUNDAY TIMES
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Reviews for Millenium

Millennium by Tom Holland“A fast and lively lesson in that period which school so often misses out… another blockbuster.” THE SUNDAY TIMES
“As a stirring, vivid and formidably learned analysis of the events surrounding the Millennium, this will hardly be equalled. Extraordinary insights and lapidary phrases abound.” THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY
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