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BBC Radio 4, Start the Week 

BBC Radio 4, Making History – 7.1.

 BBC Radio 4, Any Questions,– 6.8.10

BBC Radio 4, Front Row: discusses In the Shadow of the Sword – 5.4.12

BBC Radio 3Night Waves –discusses In the Shadow of the Sword – 4.4.12

BBC Radio 4In Our Time – Augustan Age in Rome – 11.6.09

BBC Radio 4, Front Row – Tom Holland reviews Bronze at the Royal Academy in London – 11.9.12

BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine – Islamic State and Brick Shortage



BBC 4Tom Holland discusses dinosaurs, myths and monster – 10.12.13

BBC 1When Tommy Met Mo – Tom Holland took part in discussions with Tommy and Mo during the programme with Ann Cryer, Usama Hasan and others – 28.10.13

Channel 4, ‘Islam, The Untold Story’ 

Channel 4, Tom Holland responds to the programme’s critics

BBC 1Restoring England’s Heritage: The South East

BBC 2, Newsnight Scotland

Channel 4, A Great Religion Has A Lot Of Ruin In It


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Tom Holland at the London History Festival